Custom made slot car track building software

Brads tracks custom hand built slot car tracks home. Experience the rush of slot car racing that is known. People were always complimenting it and many of them suggested i should start building and selling tracks. Rating is available when the video has been rented. Driven w a automotivetruck winch through a set of pullies and cables brett can stow the big 2 scale track up against the ceiling. Two of the better systems, track power and slotman have disappeared. It offers scalextric fans the chance to plan workable tracks, including multilane layouts, before getting down to actually building them. Here is a 6min video showing how the changeover from the ho scale slot track to the 2 scale slot track. Slot car track building online resources old weird herald. They design and build custom sensor tracks made exclusively for lap timing software. They are made in two parts, so that a little adjustment is possible, similar to the supports found under a typical commercial track. Our cover story in scale auto racing news febmarch 2001. A few years ago i decided to build a custom hand routed slot car track for myself. I only have this 2 sets and its not enough for my dream layout, but for the moment i would like to build something like this with this two sets, the layout is just a basic idea of what i want, on the left upper curve i want to use the supersliding curve, and on the straight sections use the some of the changeover tracks i have, ill be using plexiglas to elevate the track,unless i can buy.

Pasa slot car club, hard body slot cars and slot car. Building and maintaining slot car tracks slot car racing. Custom 5 dadds fourlane track started by kit henry. The question of track design software was coming up every so often on the forum, so i thought itd be an idea for there to be a topic with links to the different pieces of software.

Rates rent digital slot car race tracks for parties and events. If there are certain sections that constantly throw your car from the track, add railings or widen the curve. Several crucial design decisions need to be made early on in this process. I used a very inexpensive router that was more than adequate.

Dedicated to ho slot car racing, collecting, restoration, track design, electronics and software. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at. Track building questions and answer page slot car racing. These race track prints are printed on premium matte art paper. It is based on a carrera digital system with wireless remotes, and even includes the pit stop. Many of these web pages are based on my articles published in slot car racing news, although ive added a number of new topics since. Right now, our options for track design software seem to be quite limited. The layout planner has the ability to automatically place track borders and planning of track sections needed for creating 4, 6 and even 8 lane slot track layouts. We offer a wide range of tracks that we can custom build, from 4 lane home tracks to 8 lane commercial tracks.

Races2u is fun, affordable entertainment for family, friends, colleagues and coworkers. They were surprisingly similar to modern slot cars, but independent speed control was available only as an optional extra. This is a condensed version of the rebuilding of our track. Slot mods raceways builds incredible slotcar racetrack replicas this company will whip up a scale slotcar version of any racetrack you want. Millstream raceway at ringwood uk, the home of british slot car club, only race on ogilviebuilt tracks. Taking your ho scale slot car track to the next level cheaply. A passing car blocks the light and a lap is detected. Hire one of our mobile slot car tracks or racing simulators for your next event, or come to our retail store in austin, texas where you can race by the hour. This is all taken from the hrw forum version put into a format that might be easier for you to reference if needed. Slot car corner offers a complete line of proven, highquality track braiding products. Over the last 20 years, i have built many slot car tracks ranging from drag strips to king tracks.

How to build your own slot car race track how to adult. This excellent 3d software includes the full scalextric track inventory and comes complete with a. Then a light is applied above the track section to light the sensors. Slot mods usa builders of the worlds finest custom. Jul 20, 2017 the carrera track layout planner allows you to design slot car tracks using carrera exclusiv, evolution, profi and go track types. The layout planner has the ability to automatically place track borders and. Racing 2 scale slot cars on wood tracks in vancouver, b. Producing the finest, handcrafted slot car raceways and dioramas in the world. These are photos of my first attempt at building a 3lane slot car track. Race car track building system build a car included soft eva foam 20 track pieces, 11 driving accessories, and 14 car.

Scalextric track designer is the ultimate track building tool. Most every ho slot car will run on my tracks except old matchbox cars that utilized a different rail spacing. Slot car illustrated has been moved to a new server. This excellent 3d software includes the full scalextric track inventory and comes complete with a builtin room designer. The sensors are plugged into holes made in the track section or between the lane electrical contacts. Custom built cars hornsby slot cars get your racing fix. Track construction this section describes the process of building a complete ho scale raceway. I designed my track layout over several weeks and then played around with the. Building your own routed wooden slot car track routed wooden ho raceway ted gowder, a regular visitor to this web site sent me some pictures recently of a 4lane routed wooden ho raceway that he and several of his friends built. It was built to be portable, so we took it to many events. Sketchup slot car track layouts slot track design using sketchup. The software allows you to enter your own track inventory and will calculate the different track sections needed to complete a layout. Carrera servo race counter software and carrera servo raceway.

Custom slot car track design and construction races2u. Directions on how to build your own track slot car talk. This handbuilt slot car setup is the cheapest way into amateur racing. Have races2u build the slot car track of your dreams for your home, office. With the help of some friends, it turned out really nice.

Oldslotracer, slotcar racing in vancouver, routed wood tracks. Apr 18, 2017 place a slot car on the track and race around your creation 1 2. It uses copper tape, trackmate racing software and dead strips for timing. Since 1995 has given the industry the best customer service and parts selection for the slot car enthusiast. The techniques for building slot car tracks are much the same for any layout be it a 2 lane track in your loft a slot stocks oval track a 4 lane club circuit or a 8 lane megga track. Our philosophy is to serve people who have a serious interest in slot car racing as the focal point of the hobby in their lives and to provide this service in the form of products, ideas, help, information and inspiration to achieve a rewarding hobby. This is not complete as i know there are other designers out there, so if you know of any that arent already here, reply to the topic and ill look into adding them.

Brads tracks custom hand built slot car tracks october 9, 2019 4 lane international tjet ish more like bob marketos layout. Brads tracks custom hand built slot car tracks january 4 at 7. Our tracks and custom built cars are consistent crowd pleasers at everthing from car dealership openings to medical conventions. Gerding fast tracks custom built slot car racing tracks. Used to create models of buildings, furniture, landscapes and more. My question is, do you have to cut the wood into track pieces or can you just use one piece of 4x8 board and put the slots into the board in the shape of the track that you want to make. I know how to create the maximum track in minimal conditions. Slot mods is mainly known for building huge, customordered slot car.

Using software created specifically for slot car layouts, races2u can design and. That is where carlsons slot cars comes to the rescue. I used 38th particle board, a 18 carbide router bit, and a special piece lexan plastic as a guide. Sep 10, 2015 this build took us about a month from start to finish, and included builtin cabinetry. I am sensitive to the large square foot requirements of a track versus the high cost of rent in good retail locations. This page is designed to share ideas for track designs and building techniques whether plastic commercial track or routed mdf, rally or race. The carrera track layout planner allows you to design slot car tracks using carrera exclusiv, evolution, profi and go track types.

Seriously consider building a 4lane race track instead of a 2lane circuit. Designed to work together as an integrated track braiding system, these products make it easy to get professional results even if you are a firsttime track builder. Carrera track layout planner slot car track design. If your track seems too boring and easy to master, add chicanes or esses to your design to force racers to slow down and adapt to subtle track changes. The easiest way to design a track though is to use slot car track design software. This build took us about a month from start to finish, and included builtin cabinetry. For reasons unknown, lionel discontinued their racing car set in 1915 after an estimated 12,000 sets were manufactured. Give us a call or an email and let us build a custom slot car track for you. Sketchup make is a very popular 3d modeling software.

I had a chance to test some of their products recently and during. This handbuilt slot car setup is the cheapest way into. Software lap counter parts 26 slot car digital lap counters 1 slot car drag timing 28 slot car ho drag cars 8 slot car track accessories 41 slot car power supplies 14 rc lap counter, transponder system 20 parts 3 quadcopter lap counter timer 9 atv, rc car, drag timing 14 sports timers 12 custom timing solutions 7. Kickass custom built slot car tracks that are super realistic. Slot mods race track i want to build one of these and race shark noses. Scalextric track designer only works for scalextric track, and still seems to cause problems for many users. Bobby rahal you know him has a custom slot so now its at about. Forum for advertising slot car track for sale, of any scale.

Experience the rush of slot car racing that is known by the fortunate few. This system would need a sensor track built for it to interface with the computer and this is simply something that is out of my league. Emerald slot car racing tracks changing jan 6, 2020. From a reproduction of daytona international speedway or the famed nurburgring to a track from your wildest. Using software created specifically for slot car layouts, races2u can design and build a track to fit almost any size room and budget. Slot mods raceways builds incredible slotcar racetrack.

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