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The industry works diligently every day to make sure this mode of transportation is as safe as possible. The proper selection and construction of landing areas is essential to both the safety and efficiency of helicopter operations. Experienced helicopter pilots worked through helioffshore to prepare approach path management guidelines that specifically address the challenges posed by offshore operations. It will also work for a substantial, and continuing, improvement in the safety of offshore helicopter operations and liaise with norway to share experiences and best practice. Offshore helicopter operations uk civil aviation authority. This chapter addresses normal and emergency operations for helicopter transportation.

Offshore helicopter section d chapter 24 landing officer. Pdf helicopter offshore safety in the brazilian oil and gas. Yet, helicopter accidents cause the majority of the workrelated fatalities in the oil and gas sector2731 and accident rates are still unacceptably high11,22,32. When transporting radioactive material by helicopter, a transport bill of lading for cargo aircraft shall be submitted to the helicopter transportation provider, 2, security atno time is a type b exposure device to be left where it cannot be physically monitored unless increased control procedures have been implemented. Personnel going offshore for the first time, october 1995, reaffirmed march 2007. The guidelines bring together four previous ukooa publications related to offshore helicopter operations. Shell offshore facility helicopter procedures gulf of mexico. Forest service usfs uses rotarywing aircraft extensively for transportation of personnel and natural resource special use activities including fire protection roles on a variety of public lands. Uk offshore helicopter operations statistical report for 1999, caa. To ensure that facilities are open and prepared to accept flights, nonemergency unscheduled flights must. Standardized procedures can enhance the safety of operating a second helicopter on an offshore helideck, enabling pilots to determinemaintain minimum operational parameters. Bristow has a large fleet of offshore transportation helicopters ranging in all sizes.

Jul 08, 2014 offshore helicopter flying in other countries, and it made recommendations to improve the safety of offshore flying. A new offshore helicopter safety forum will be established by the caa to drive forward the recommendations and actions identified. This safe work practice covers apache facilities and operations. Helicopter landing areas, whether on land or offshore, require areas suitable for lift. Air transportation the movement of personnel and equipment within the cabin andor baggage compartment of a helicopter to and from an airfield or. The boat should have a bill of lading stating the weights of equipment consult the manufacturer to determine weight use rigging books and calculators as a last resort never guess or estimate the weight of a load. Helicopter flights are one of the biggest risks for offshore workers. Helicopter safety section d chapter 24 6 gulf of mexico safe work practices page d241 helicopter safety purpose. The purpose of this fieldwood energy offshore facility helicopter procedure is to provide guidelines for safe arrival and departure of aircraft to offshore facilities owned andor operated by fieldwood energy llc where dedicated personnel are tasked with performing helicopter landing officer duties. Introduction to factors influencing offshore helicopter. The offshore helicopter landing areas checklist mobile app indicates in general terms the minimum number of helideck physical characteristics which the caa considers should be examined during periodic surveys to confirm that there has been no alteration or deterioration in condition. Shell offshore facility helicopter procedures gulf of mexico these procedures are mandatory at shell offshore facilities. Front cover, title page, preface, acknowledgments pdf, 7. Helicopter flying handbook federal aviation administration.

The goal is to analyze the brazilian offshore aviation safety culture by mapping the system through an investigation of the most recent helicopter accident that took place in the campos basin off. Bristow group is a leader in helicopter transportation services throughout the world, providing fixedwing with rotarywing flight connectivity to transport personnel from onshore bases to offshore drilling rigs, platforms and other installations. Follow the pilots instructions the pilot is in complete charge of the helicopter and its passengers. Essentials of underwater egress and survival provides a comprehensive look at the issues and concerns facing offshore helicopter transport. In air carriage, the transport document is known as the airway bill. Because we, too, were concerned about offshore helicopter safety, we launched an inquiry on offshore helicopter safety, but we agreed not to publish our report before the caa had published its findings. Helicopter operations to large offshore structures, such as air transportation. In this chapter i introduce the basic concept of human systems integration as an approach to exploring the complex interconnected factors that influence the performance of huet skills and ultimately survival in the event of an actual ditchingwater impact. Procedure for authorising offshore helicopter landing areas letter to offshore. The book offers guidance for offshore helicopter operators, survival instructors, and the global offshore workforce, including discussions of safety. After the helicopter has throttled down you may proceed up the stairs. Management of offshore helideck operations helicopter operations to normally unattended installations nuis. In offshore helicopter operations, flight phasespecific safety interventions have concentrated on the broad clustered approachandlanding phase e. Ships operation procedures for helicopter landing cargo ships guideline incorrect helicopter markings on the ships deck can at times be misleading and result in an accident.

Offshore helicopter landing areas checklist form mobile app. Cap 437 offshore helicopter landing areas guidance on. Orientation of the parked helicopter on the helideck, wind and other factors may prohibit multi helicopter operations. More information is given in the icao heliport manual 15 and cap 437 10. Guidelines for the management of offshore helideck operations. Emergency procedures 5 further advice 5 chapter 6 helicopter landing areas miscellaneous operational standards landing area height above water level 1 wind direction vessels 1. The individual helicopter companys operations manual is the cornerstone for. Helicopters used to transport workers to and from atlantic canadas offshore facilities are certified to the highest standards and regulated by. As the fcom concept is new to the rotary sector, the objective is initially limited to offshore oil and gas operations. May 08, 2011 nice video about a helicopter landing on an production platform on the northsea. The purpose of the inquiry was to examine how operators, the oil and gas industry and regulators can improve standards for offshore workers.

Cap 437 offshore helicopter landing areas guidance on standards. Hlo helicopter landing officer supervises the heliguard and the fireguard. According to helicopter landing areas regulation also adhered in the netherlands cap 437, wherever practicable. Aircraft operators must include typespecific takeoff, climb, descent, approach and landing procedures in the operations. However, despite over 90% of the worlds international trade being conducted by sea, often very little is known about this subject by either party. Introduction to marine cargo management mark rowbotham. Cap 437 standards for offshore helicopter landing areas revision history page 1 revision history edition 1 september 1981 the first edition of cap 437 was published to give guidance on the criteria applied by the caa in assessing the standard of helicopter offshore landing areas for worldwide use by helicopters registered in the uk. They are suitable for operators of all sizes are part of a wider effort to make better use of automation, while enhancing safety and standardization across the industry. Bill of lading bl a document issued by a carrier, or its agent, to.

For a multitude of reasons, the offshore helicopter sector operates in one of the most demanding and challenging safety environments. The flight safety foundation fsf approach and landing. Handbook of offshore helicopter transport safety 1st edition. This chapter outlines the rationale for writing a book about offshore helicopter underwater egress training huet. Bristow helicopter fleet offshore helicopter transportation. Some of the challenges are apparent by studying past offshore helicopter safety reports, such as. To ensure that facilities are open and prepared to accept flights, nonemergency unscheduled flights must telephone the shell dispatcher at one of the following numbers. Offshore helicopter operations safety performance requirements. The second part of the thesis focuses on the practical side of the operations. Helicopter is the primary method of transporting employees to and from work in the offshore. Knowing the weight of an object is critical to using a lift chart and making a safe lift. A precondition for a holistic, systemic and systematic management of offshore helicopter operations safety is an indepth understanding of the corresponding system.

The offshore helicopter operations standard and implementation. However, the poor quality of the safety data currently available prevents. Offshore helicopter operations above the north sea can be conducted in. In offshore helicopter operations, flight phasespecific safety interventions have. Ambiguous helicopter markings might also result in the refusal of a pilot to board the vessel by helicopter, which could cause an expensive delay to the ship. Basic aviation risk standard flight safety foundation. This inquiry was launched following a helicopter crash off the coast of sumburgh, shetland in august 20 the fifth offshore helicopter crash in four years. Nighttime offshore helicopter operations royal aeronautical society. Landing areas that are poorly located or constructed may contribute to or be the cause of an accident. Shell offshore facility helicopter procedures these procedures are mandatory at shell offshore facilities. Helicopter landing procedures and landing manual in mv.

Ensuring safe offshore helicopter operations vaisala. The bill of lading gives the details about the exporter, carrying vessel, goods shipped, port of shipment, destination, consignee and the party to be notified on arrival of the goods at destination. The offshore helicopter operations standard and implementation guidelines are presented in a concise, riskbased format to emphasize the relationship between major threats to offshore safety performance requirements, their associated controls and applicable recoverymitigation measures presented in figure 2. The helicopter fcom only relates to offshore operations whenever automation is used within the normal flight envelope. Management of offshore helideck operations helicopter operations to normally unattended installations nuis offshore radio operators procedures helicopter operations security controls at helicopter terminals in july 2004, offshore helideck design guidelines ref. Cargo management, especially in the maritime sphere, plays a vital role in the transfer of goods between seller and buyer.

Offshore renewables aviation guidance orag renewableuk. Offshore helicopter standards flight safety foundation. There has been only one helicopter accident, with no fatalities, on the ncs during the period 19992009. Standards for offshore helicopter landing areas civil aviation. Procedures for marking and lighting heliports and helipads are also discussed. Policy, procedures and processes where these terms are used they require the documentation of the associated policy, procedure or process in a controlled, accessible and comprehensible manner, as shall the safety management system and other manuals. Interagency helicopter operations guide june 2009 chapter 8 81 chapter 8. The purpose of this safe practice is to ensure safe helicopter travel. Drilling rigs and other facilities with heliports shall operate under this swp or. Types of hellcopters army helicopters are classed as observation. As helicopter operators function globally and can differ in a number of their procedures, particularly. Offshore helicopter safety offshore helicopter safety.

The ability to hover and takeoff and landing vertically allows the helicopter to perform a variety of missions airborne firefighting, law enforcement, offshore oil rig support, logging, military. Agent any person authorized in writing to act on behalf of the master of a vessel or commander of an aircraft to perform such acts required by any customs or any other related enactment. Any person or organisation may propose the development of a new rule or an amendment thereto. This introduction and facts are handled in sections 24.

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