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Chuck e cheese plays pop the pig chuck e cheese easy dance duration. Have students complete question 3 of the pop goes the rocket quiz. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. The use of a variable wheel is a technique that students can use to. Its been a long road getting this episode done and i. Students revisit the pop rockets activity from lesson 3, in which mini paper rockets are powered by the chemical reaction of antacidtablets and water in plastic film canisters. An antacid tablet and water are put into each canister, reacting to form carbon dioxide gas, and acting as the pop rocket s propellant.

I assumed that bomb pop, rocket pop, and firecracker were just different ways of describing the same product. The film canister must have an internal sealing lid. Donec tristique imperdiet odio, vel placerat lacus. You can also use an empty paper towel tube, cut to length. The film canister must be one with a cap that fits inside the rim instead of over the outside of the rim. If it does not launch, wait at least 30 second before examining. Pop rocket creations is a creative studio focusing on graphic design, photography. Pop rocket short, action, comedy 24 october 2012 usa virgil grey receives a call from a man who claims to have his supposedly dead father, harvey grey. It is important to use the type of canister where the lid fits over the top of the canister.

This simple science experiment lets kids build their own pop rocket. Like a regional thing where maybe the east coast calls it a bomb pop, but on the west coast its a rocket pop. They get a feel for the constraints of real engineering projects as well as the opportunity to redesign and retest their rockets. Students will then use a variable wheel to make operational definitions and list all of the variables that may affect the flight of the pop rocket. How to fuel a film canister rocket with that famous bubbling tablet. With the lid snapped on, the continuous creation of gas causes pressure to build up until the lid pops off, sending the rocket into the air. Whats the difference between a bomb pop, rocket pop, and. Mash 30th anniversary reunion special full episode may 2002. Remove the lid and fill the canister 14 full of water. Wrap and tape a tube of paper around the film canister. Pop rocket questacon the national science and technology. This rocket will fly up very high and very quickly.

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